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Name: Andre Koning.

Are you South African?: Yes, Born and bred. Lived just outside Pretoria on a small holding.

When did you move to The Netherlands?: 1988. I arrived in The Netherlands 9 days before my 20th birthday.

Are you maried?: Yes, got married in 2000 with Marjanne Koning - van der Stok. I met her at a braai. She came to the braai with her cousin (also South African) as a guest. Things happend :-)

Kids?: Jasper (19), Martijn (17) and Feya (8)

When did you start In 2004. We organized a bring and braai on the beach and I decided to make boerewors. I learned how to do this at a buchery in SA where I worked during holidays to make some extra money. Made 20kg's the first time, and the second time about 50kg. Everyone was enthousiastic so I decided to build the website

What's your secret?: Our recipe. I mix the spices myself. See the homepage where we listed our products and share information about our products and quality.

Do you organize Braai's?:Yes we do. We have two annual Braai's. Our Spring Braai and Autumn Braai every year. (Not currently due to covid-19). We hope to have our Spring braai this year. Fingers crossed. If you are on the mailing list you will received notificaiton abou it.

How does the Postage service work?:On the order form you can select Post and then your parcel will ben sent on the Tuesday after pickup weekend. We have special packing that keeps the wors in the right condition for up to 60 hours. This means we can send to The Benenlux and Germany without any issues. If you only want biltong and droewors, then anywhere in Europe is possible. Note: We make use of Post-nl for shipping postage parcels. There is a possiblity that it can go wrong (take longer) and we cannot be held accountable for that. Choosing postage is your option and your risk. If it does go south (no pun intended), we always do try to come to a agreeable / reasonable solution.

How often do you braai?: I try to have at least one braai a week. In the summer we scale that up to a few times a week. My neighbours are very happy with me as I mostly braai using only wood. :-)

Are there many South Africans in The Netherlands?: Yes. I think about 50K.

Are your products in any shops?:Yes. We supply Die Spens with Traditional boerewors, and bitong to a Taste of home in Haarlem.

Do you have a slogan?: Yes. My favourite slogan is: 'May the Wors be with you'.

Anyting else you want to say to your customers?: That I do. has been around since 2004 and still growing. This would not be possible without our customers and we appreciate the support for our business very much. We hope to keep it going for the years to come. We hope you do to !

Thank you and 'May the wors be with you'.

KVK: 51906643, BTW: NL018331130B01
Traditional Cheese Chili Garlic  ook BILTONG
Prices    p/kg

Traditional €   14.90
Trad 100% beef €   17.50
Cheese €   18.20
Garlic €   15.00
Chili €   15.00

Biltong € 52.00
Drywors € 49.00